Keep track of your doctor’s individualised postoperative recommendations


We want to help you regain your autonomy by using our intuitive App during a critical time and achieve the best possible outcome.

The main goal is to reach the functional level you used to have. In this effort it is essential to follow your therapy plan once you are released home. We are closing the gap in post-surgical rehabilitation with a monitoring system for patients after orthopedic surgery of the lower extremities.

The system consists of an insole for use e.g. in postoperative shoes for data collection, and an app for patients as feedback mechanism to monitor and, if needed, adjust their behavior during recovery. The solution will also assist the surgeon in planning an individualized rehabilitation protocol.

The system intends to reduce the risk of resurgery, shorten and optimize the individual rehabilitation process, and reduce healthcare system costs.


Our goal is to individualise postoperative therapy plans, reduce complications and increase safety through an AI-based warning system. Our ambition is to optimise postoperative therapy algorithms in order to reach the best possible outcome for our patients in the shortest possible time.

Our hardware solution

We have designed an insole that can be worn in any shoe and is attachable to the ankle or the shoe. Our insole has two main sensors, one in the forefoot and one in the hindfoot. Therefore even patients who only have to do partial weight bearing in the forefoot (e.g. after Hallux Valgus corrections) can use our solution.


Another module of our platform is a website doctors can use all over the world. Here they can find out if their therapy plan has a high risk for implant failure for this individual patient.

And if you really think about it we are not a hardware but a software company.
The more patients we help the better we get.


Henning Redlin

Executive Officer

Alexandru Dancu

Technical Officer

Nevda Kaya

Team Lead

Serafeim Tsitsilonis

Medical Consultant

Dilara Kaya

Medical Student

We are a team of trauma surgeons and one medical student. We want to help the patients in our clinic by giving them a tool and enable them to follow our recommendations during their rehabilitative process.  We want to lower the complication rate after surgery on the lower extremities which is quite high right now, because our patients feel much better and often even pain-free already during the second week of their rehabilitative process despite the ongoing domiciliary care requirement.

“I only want what’s best for my patients, the same way I would provide for my own family.“
– The Team


Our business is a platform consisting of a digital insole, an app, a server solution and a doctors web interface. 

The digital insole measures how much loading patients put on their foot while they can track the results on their app. The app sends that information to a server where we have also implemented the patients clinical data. That way we can build up predictive models on how high the risk of implant failure actually is. This risk analysis can be applied in the doctor’s web interface to check if his treatment recommendations are the best option for this specific patient. We have developed a functioning insole, the app is almost ready, we have applied for an ethics vote on our project.